Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Slacker no longer!

OK- so yes the last 3 months have been crazy and yes I have not been "Being all I can be" but I am still at it.
Sometimes I think I just need to step away. I have an OCD personality so whatever I am most focused on at the moment seems to consume me, often at the expense of othe things I need to give more attention to. So I have wrapped up some loose ends and with a little nudge I am back.
On the weight loss front... well lets just say I have recommitted. Nothing horrible just not focused and slipped occasionally, OK, a lot. The great thing about WW is it allows me to forgive myself and move on with the days ahead.
I am loving the 10 week momentum challenge and (knock on wood) have been tracking everyday, every bite- We were told, " I have been kinda tracking and it's kinda working" but if you really track it really works and I must admit seeing is believing because I am doing great this week, already down 1.5 pounds and don;t weigh in until Friday! WOO HOOO !
I also joined the biggest loser Pound for Pound challenge and am shooting to be down my last 40 pounds by June... anyone wanna join me.... I do need a nudge from time to time!
I have a lot of great recipe's to post over the next several days (see it was doing WW related things, just not blogging about them) and being here gives me so much confidence, not to mention the amazing things I find on other blogs! So wish me luck! It's good to be back!


  1. Your back....... Good to see you. Ive been reading your blog its really good....