Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Motivation and other Ramblings!

I have found my groove and am really on track to "getting there!" I have reorganized my days to be able to stay on a routine. I find a regular routine helps me be most successful. I am freeing up some mornings to do more on this blog. I love it but somehow it is always one of those things that gets put aside... I am gonna credit that to being a mommy martyr. I am now making a concentrated effort to do more "me things".

I have been taking more time for "down time" too. I finally got to read Dear John last weekend and LOVED it... well not the ending but the book was great and I am so happy I read it before the movie came out. Channing Tatum is soo hott. I am pretty sure I would have gone to the movie even if the book had sucked, but alas it didn't so I get to watch a great story as well as watch that hottie at the same time. Woo HOo! It's the little things that make me happy!

I had an odd encounter last week. A woman I know from WW had approached me at a public place and asked me if I still did WW. Now I do know this is one of the most passive-aggressive people I have ever met, like if there were Oscars for being passive-aggressive she would win, hand down... but anyway I am guessing this was her way of cluing me in to the fact she has noticed that my weight loss has slowed and is at a virtual stand still. Although I probably prefer never to speak to this woman again I found this very motivating. Maybe because she is so clueless to so many details in her personal life... I think when you don't notice your teens are doing things that are ruining their lives (I have some inside information on this) but you notice the fact I haven't lost weight.... well, need I say more? I know I am venting but come on.... it was a turning moment for me and I think I have come away with a positive spin on a less than positive situation. AND I love the fact I can vent here without the backlash of the "OH I heard's", so thanks for being my personal therapsits! LOL

I am still motivating myself on a daily basis to get in more exercise. My newest addition is stair climbing. I have begun the silliest routine, but I feel it will be very effective... Every time I want to check email, browse the Internet or sit down and blog (any type of computer time) I am running my steps 10 times before and 10 times after. I KNOW- crazy right, but I'm telling you I really think this little extra is gonna go a long way for me... I will keep you posted!

I made a great WW Mexican Casserole last week, only 6.5 points for a huge serving and will share that later today on here. I am searching for WW friendly appetizers and snacks to serve during the Super Bowl. If ya have any good ones , I would LOVE it if you shared!

Hope you have a great day! and remember... if ya kinda do WW you will kinda get good results, if ya really do WW you will really get good results!


  1. I'm so glad you were able to spin a bad situation into a good one and let it motivate you. And I don't think it's crazy at all to do the stairs thing. It's actually a very good idea! I might have to incorporate some sort of variation for my kids and TV. Mayb for every hour of TV you watch you have to do 30 minutes of activity: trampoline, bike riding, active wii games, etc. It's a very good idea!

  2. Your last sentence made me smile. It's certainly true.

    Looking forward to your recipe. The words 'Mexican' and 'casserole' describe most of my comfort foods ('Italian' being another one!)