Monday, February 8, 2010

Yes Virginia, Full Size 1-Point Bagels really DO EXIST!!!

Hey peeps... WOW! That was one heck of a Superbowl Game! I was rooting for the Saints, but really didn't care who won since my Black and Gold team wasn't there this year! That was a well played fingernail biting kinda game though and those commercials.... can I just say #1... don't touch my momma and #2 don't touch my Doritos... that was the funniest thing I saw all night. I did also like "Baby Bob" in the E-Trade commercials and the "breakout bull" in the Budweiser one.

It wasn't a great on plan weekend for me... apparently I am still dieting and not really changing my habits (which I already knew) but I still am trying... I did the plan ahead, the visualization, all of it, but as soon as I saw those cheese covered nachos and a margarita in a chilled and salted glass... well, all the good went out the window and the bad habits returned, and it didn't stop there... hot sausage subs and cheesecake were also within striking distance, poor things didn't stand a chance! The great news is, I gave myself a pass and am back at this morning... extra work out (already did 1 hour this am, eliptical, weights and wii fit!) and all!!!

Which brings me to the title of my post.... Yes you read it right there is a 1-point bagel that TASTES amazing! It is Full sized and not chewey like regular bagels, more of a soft textured puffy type bagel and they are GREAT!!!! Thomas' Bagel Thins, 100% whole wheat, 110 calories, 1 gram of fat and 5 grams of dietary fiber, that YES>>>>makes it a ONE POINT BAGEL! WOO HOO! Also, no artificial sweeteners, no high fructose corn syrup and zero Cholesterol! Don't get me wrong I really like the 1-point English muffins, but I need a change and this was my answer.

While doing a little grocery shopping yesterday at Wally World I came across them on an end cap.... and they are only $2.42 at this mass merchandiser and there are 8 in a bag!

I am sure prices vary but heck they are a great bargain and well worth even a higher price!

Here is what I did this morning.... I have to say I am slacking because I have a whole post I want to do on Eggland's Best eggs... they were gracious enough to send me a coupon for a dozen of their fabulous eggs... but I forgot to take photos the first time I worked with them and need to do a remake and still haven't gotten to it... but regardless I used 2 Egglands Best egg whites, 1 TBL of WW shredded Mexican cheese (it is really good cheese) and 1 small Roma tomato to top this bagel... Breakfast was mmmmm...mmmmm... Good! Can't think of a better way to eat 2 points!

I need to plan my meals for dinner for the week and I still need get that great Mexican Casserole recipe up for y'all to try- maybe later today (I am hoping). I have one sick child home so I can't really gauge my time today.

I hope you had a great Superbowl weekend and an even more fabulous week! And remember...your goals, minus your doubts equals your reality!


  1. Hey, you call Walmart Wallyworld as well... hahahahah... I thought it was just a Canadian thing.... lol