Monday, September 7, 2009

Gained 9 pounds in 3 days????

OK, so I really didn't think this was even possible... but since weighing in at my meeting on Friday (with a 1.8 pound loss--YAY!!!) and arriving home this afternoon from an impromptu beach trip, my scale says I have gained 9 pounds??? WHAT!?!?! There is no way! Did I stay on plan? NO, but I wasn't crazy either, well there were a lot of frozen fruity drinks involved all weekend but still ---9 POUNDS-- that's just crazy?
Anyone have a similar thing EVER happen, is it from eating all restaurant prepared food? Someone please tell me this will go away- like tomorrow when I wake up- I am good with a 1 or 2 pound gain but 9.... seems IMPOSSIBLE!! (and yes- I exercised BOTH days at the beach!!)


  1. Well if the fruity drinks had alcohol. . . it could be. Mostly water weight I'm sure. Drink up the plain water and you should be fine. My scale said that I gained 4 lbs over night the other day! I ended up starting my period the next day. Could that be an issue for you too? Good luck! I'm sure it is just a fluke!

  2. Happens to me all the time. Sodium affects me in a big way. I can fluctuate 6-7 pounds after a meal with a lot of salt. It usually takes me a few days of good eating (with little salt) to get back on track. Drink lots of water- I bet it'll be gone before you know it!

  3. This very well could not be accurate at all. I'm with the previous poster. What were you wearing when you weighed in? What had you just eaten? How much water? I fluctuate up to 8 pounds all week long. I weigh in Monday AM, in the nude, after going the bathroom, having not eaten after 6pm the night before. That works the best for me.