Thursday, September 3, 2009

Cooking Light Magazine

I am very excited about the lose for good WW program. I feel that I am doing better because I feel my effort will also benefit others.. so if I don't I feel a little guilty. I have lost 45 pounds since March, which I am very proud of. I had a good (odd) encounter yesterday. My daughter's fall soccer team started practice last evening and I ran in into a friend I hadn't seen since last fall (football season). She actually squealed as I walked towards her ans said, "Oh my goodness you look fabulous, you are so skinny, what are you doing?" I told her I joined WW in March and have lost 45 pounds. I expected a positive response but instead she seemed disappointed. She told me she thought that maybe I had surgery or was taking something"good". She also said she thought my loss was very slow and that she needs to lose 30 pounds but could do it in a month if she tried. She couldn't believe it has taken me 6 months to lose 45.

So how should I feel after this encounter.. I know I am doing a great job and have changed my habits, but man her "compliment" didn't feel so great... but whatever! I feel great about my healthier lifestyle no matter how long it has taken!

So I want to share a great deal on some magazines (plus it is a way to help out my son's school!). Of course back to school means selling CRAP!!! I was pleasantly surprised when he brought home his sales info and realized 2 magazines I love Cooking Light and Health magazine's and realized they are really a great deal!! You can get Cooking Light for $15 for 8 issues or $20 for 12 issues and Health is $15 for 15 issues and $20 for $20 issues! If anyone is interested in ordering these (actually there are a bunch of titles that you can choose from, but these are my 2 favorites!) email me at and I will send you the link and details. Everything is ordered online and it is sent directly to you. Plus my son will be super grateful because he needs to sell 25 items to get to go to the Magic Show at the end of the sales period! Thanks so much for considering!!!

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  1. Take the complement as a complement. Sure we could all starve ourselves and lose 30 lbs in a month, but it isn't sustainable. Years of research have proven that slow steady weight loss is the way to go. She might be feeling jealous of your loss and that is why she commented about it taking too long. Really? 45 lbs in 6 months? That is about 1.73 lbs/week which is within the 1-2 lbs that the weight loss gurus say you should lose. Enjoy your loss and don't worry about what other people say!