Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Weight Watchers is not at ALL what I expected

I went to my first Weight Watchers meeting on March 6th, 2009. I wasn't sure what to expect. I kinda thought of it as a 12 step program for food addicition. I imagined myself standing up and saying my name is Jennifer and I weigh 237 pounds and my biggest problem is carbohydrates. Well fortunately that isn't how it worked and I am not sure how long I would have stayed if it was.
My second thought was that it would be something like the biggest loser, but again fortunatly there is no giant scale, in fact, only the receptionist sees your weight behind a counter. Ver comforting.
So I am there, registered and waiting. Now what? I have brochures and booklets and it all seems to be overwhelming and exciting. After a short discussion about the groups weekly triumphs (including weight and as they call them "non-scale triumphs) we discuss ways to increase our activity and stop making excuses. And yes, they listed everyone of my excuses, so I knew I wasn't alone.
I am going to recount the first steps I have made with WW as well as my continuing journey. In 8 short weeks I have lost 17.6 pounds and have found the program very easy. The fact that I can have any food and nothing is off limits is a big plus- I don't feel so restricted.
I hope to hear from many of you as to your weight loss journey and any tips you may have. My ultimate goal is to lose an additional 80 pounds, but for now I am doing it one day, one pound or oz at a time!

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