Wednesday, August 19, 2009

First Day Back to....

well for the kids it's back to school. For me it's back to routine and as far as my healthy lifestyle, routine is good. I did cry this morning (I always cry the first day back).. I really miss them and each year they are more fun to be around all summer. This year is hard. My oldest is a senior and all I could think about is next year I won't be there on her first day of class to take her picture... well I guess I could be she may kill me!! I can't believe how fast she has grown.. I am very proud of her!

Got everyone out the door and then ate cantaloupe (from my garden) and some fiber one yogurt with some granola. My neighbor is a WW lifetime member and walks everyday, so I asked her if I could join her once school started. 3 miles and 45 minutes later I was sweating like a pig (already 92 at 10 am) and felt great!!!

Looks like a quiet afternoon, catch up on some chores and be a little lazy- I feel like I deserve it!! The afternoon/evening rush will be here soon enough!

In scale news, I am down another 1.6 pounds as of this morning- Weigh in Friday should be a good one!!! Hope all of you are enjoying your day as much as I am enjoying mine.

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  1. Sounds like a great workout! Let us know how everything works out tomorrow.