Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Garden Blessing!!!

Wow! I haven't had a garden in 4 years an d I really missed it! We are up to our ears in tomatoes and cucumbers, the watermelon and cantaloupe are almost ready. I think I have gotten rid of most of the squash bugs and the new crop of zucchini is coming. They killed all of my beautiful plants from the first planting but with diligence I am keeping up with it. I can't seem to get rid of them any other way but to use duct tape to remove their eggs from my plant leaves. I usually find a couple while I am doing this, they get the duct tape too... YUCK!! I swear they multiply like rabbits, every time I catch one I actually catch two... if you know what I mean.. Apparently Squash bugs have a very healthy libido!! They are trying to spread to my pumpkins. Anyone have anything great to get rid of them? I tried using sevin, it works some but I hate to use it when the flowers are blooming because it says it will kill an entire nest of bees if anyone of them gets contaminated. I wonder if that is why the bees are disappearing?

So I was down last week 2.8 pounds and should be down another 2 this week!! YAY!!! Between the great veggies and all of the fresh, super sweet super juicy peaches we have right now, I don't have any room for any other food!!! So I am grateful for this time of year- it is wonderful to have such filling satisfying food- a lot of which I grew myself.


  1. I love my garden as well (o.k. it is actually my brothers garden but I get to share it). I've never thought to grow canteloupe maybe I'll try that next year. Great job on your weight loss. Keep it up!

  2. Congratulations on your weight loss so far! Having all of that fresh produce in your own backyard will certainly help.