Friday, May 8, 2009

Gas.....too much Fiber

OK- so I have been out of my fiber one products for about a week. There is so much going on that I never made it to the store other than essentials for the kids and always forgot my stuff- of course. Well there is a great sale at Target on all fiber one products. I got 6 boxes of cereal, 8 boxes of chewy bars, 8 four packs of yogurt and 2 boxes of "pop tarts", also 2 boxes of smart pop popcorn and 8 boxes of Nabisco 100 cal packs--- all for.... drum roll.... $3.00 (well I actually paid $33 but got $30 in target gift cards- lots of great coupons for all of these products)

So I ate a fiber bar on the way home, then a yogurt this afternoon, a 1 pack of popcorn- (I was hungry - I missed lunch and only had an apple for breakfast) I then decided that I really wanted another fiber bar about 5pm- Apparently you need to start back on fiber one slowly-

We went to the movies and - yes- through the entire movie- I don't think anyone heard and thank god it wasn't the smelly kind- SO embarrassing. These were not lady like passing of gas- I am talking full on Homer Simpson type- 5 to 10 second loud farts! I was horrified- Thank goodness the movie was really loud- my husband never even glanced my way.

When the movie was over I was afraid to look at the seat for fear I had left a hole and a small child may fall through and end up in China. Well there was no hole- must be industrial strength material. Then when I came home I finally went- thank goodness I drink a lot of water- swear that there was actual fizzing in the toilet from the extreme amount of gas... lesson learned ease back onto fiber gradually not 6 or 8 grams a day to a whopping 30+... please heed this warning especially if you are planning to go out of your house- I do not want anyone to ever suffer the horror of my mistake.

Only lost .2 pounds today- but better than gaining- going fro the 10% next week- about 2.6 pounds- wish me luck - I will be getting plenty of fiber.....

BTW--- all the snacks are not for me - my 3 kids all pack there lunch and love 100 cal packs and fiber bars, also I have to take soccer snack in the AM- just didn't want you to imagine me gorging myself to death on all of these yummy snacks!!! (not that I haven't thought about it - LOL)


  1. I have made the fiber mistake also. LOL. I was so bloated and uncomfortable I had to forgo intimacy with my boyfriend... I won't do that's one of the only ways I earn my exercise points!

  2. That is a great idea- I never counted that for exercise points- Hubby will be thrilled- You Rock!!! I think this comment deserves a whole post of it's own!!!!

  3. I was starting to become attracted to you. Thank goodness you posted your tale of fiber saturation and were not shy about giving us all of the "JUICY" details. One of my favorite cerials was Fiber One's caramel flavored variety but I will now run past the cerial aisle because of all the ghastly images you have "BURNED" into my brain. ;-)

  4. No fiber before the movies, I am noting that one lol.

  5. Grant... No it is very good- but just go slowly.. This is not an item you will ever over indulge in again - right??? I still want you to like me-- don't we all have a little (or in this case) a lot of gas from time to time? Just be glad you weren't in the theater with me-- then other things may have been burning- LOL

  6. Chicamom- note to self- you can hide it through a movie (as I have proven) I am sure this would have been a fiasco if it had been an intimate dinner with friends- I would have had to leave!!!!