Sunday, May 3, 2009

Messing Up and sabatoging my goal

Last night we had friends over for a cook out. I had an extra 18 points for the day after dinner and drinks, and that's OK but this morning I started repeating my past mistakes. I woke up hungry and started to grab anything. First was 1/2 slice of cold pizza then a brownie. I stopped, knowing that this is not how I am going to make my weekly goal. I decided instead of continuing to eat empty calories I would eat a bowl of fiber one, skim milk and 1/2 cup of blueberries. I feel much better. and satisfied.
Now I have eaten half of my daily points before noon. It will be a difficult day but I am going to stick to my points today- I see many vegetables in my future.
I think that sometimes I am giving up on myself and don't know why. I know that I want to do this and feel great when I eat healthy and do well on plan, but still I cheat. The thing about Cheating is it only hurts me- my goals, my future, my life. I think that it will take many months to always try and keep up my good habits. I am certain I will do this but I must look at everything I ingest as if it is benefiting me and my goals.
I think this is why it is so hard for so many people to achieve weight loss - it is hard and I must do this for me- because I want a healthy body that will be active for a very long time.
I know I am not alone.. so please share your advice on how to stay motivated and continue even when you have had more than you should....


  1. motivation is difficult. For me, I am not just losing weight but bad attitudes of self doubt and defeat. Sometimes it even scares me wehn I lose weight. I'm becoming a new person and that in itself is scary. I look different, feel different, etc.

    I like to keep clothing catalogs around and look at them from time to time and pick out clothes that I would look good in at a smaller size. It helps to remind me of my goals.

    I also look at dream vacations and adventure like hiking mountains, etc. I can't do that weighing what I do now. It motivates me to move and eat right.

    My biggest motivator has been blogging. To put myself in the "spotlight" or "on display" makes me have a terrible fear of failing. I don't want to report to the world that I've gained weight. It drives me to do good.

    Also, try taking pictures of your food. Studies show that people who photo journal are less likely to go back for seconds and tend to do better on their diets.

    And I love a quote I read from "Finally Thin," abook by a woman who lost 212 pounds on WW:
    "Never give up what you want the most for what you want at the moment." That quote haunts every bite I take. :)

  2. I'm glad to find someone who is still early in the process, but is already having positive success. I've done WW before, and it works great. (My problem now is not wanting to spend the $ and struggling to find the motivation in myself to do it at home.) Good luck to you, and I look forward to reading another discussion about struggles like I am having. (So many of the wonderful blogs have discussions about how people got to and are staying at their goal, I'm happy to have someone else to "travel" with! :)

  3. The truth is you won't always be motivated. The secret is to not give up during times when the motivation fire isn't burning. Just keep doing the basics and focus on not gaining, on not going backwards. When your motivation returns you can pick right back up with losing. The other big secret, and this is the biggest of all, is NEVER give up!!

  4. I lost 55+lbs in 2007 and haven't been able to lose a pound since, even though I easily have 60-80 more to go.

    Here's what I've discovered on my own journey:
    Celebrating success can sometimes lead to a slippage in new healthy habits. We start thinking we can get away with more, we're invincible, etc. The reality is we HAVE to celebrate, but we must do so with the recognition of the specific actions we needed to do to get there. And understand that those actions must be continued consistently in order to have future success.

    Eating healthy develops this amazing "taste" for healthy foods. We actually start to crave them. I started thinking that I didn't even like indulgent food anymore. But then I had some moments where I started including them in my diet again (within reason and within my points) and I realized that it only encouraged me to crave them more and lose my taste for the healthy foods I started loving.

    The motivation will sometimes be hard--really hard--to maintain. It's important to find out what motivates you, use it while you can, and understand that in moments where even that won't work, do as my high school theater teacher instructed: Fake it 'til you make it.

    You can/will do it!

  5. Thanks-- I need as many weight loss friends as I can get