Wednesday, May 6, 2009

When you fall off.....

Get back on...
I started Weight Watchers like I do everything else in my life- I had to be perfect. Well I have come to find out that it is exactly the reason WW works for people like me- there is wiggle room so even when you feel like you go off plan you are still within the WW plan guidelines- loving my 35 extra points!

I started out every other diet trying to ride a hot blooded stallion and jumping 4 foot jumps when I didn't even know how to ride- so I was thrown many times. I have finally learned my lesson and have climbed on an old pony that can teach me how to ride- the subtle In's and outs that will make me succeed and stay on. There are times that I still am trying too much at once and loose my balance but I am still holding on and holding on is a beautiful thing even when it may not look or feel as picturesque as I once imagined it being. It is better because it is how I have held on and not been thrown to the ground in 9 weeks!

I was bummed today - I really wanted to try the Smart Food popcorn at Target- but it is on sale and they were sold out- so I will buy some next week. Can't wait.. Friday is my weigh in and I feel confident this week. I am not sure what the scale will show but it won't matter because I feel grounded and successful in the many changes I am making.

What changes you ask. Well first of all I eat 5 fruits and/or veggies every day- up from maybe 1 a day before WW. I consume 30- 40 grams of dietary fiber each day up from almost none. I get at least (and usually more) 90 minutes of exercise each week.. These are huge changes that are making me live a much healthier life and I LOVE MY HEALTHY LIFESTYLE!!!!

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