Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Picnic's gone WILD....

Well first off I wanted to share that I lost 1.6 lbs to officially make my 10% goal-- YEAH ME!!! I was very proud of myself and meeting that goal gave me a lot more confidence in seeing my end goal.
Prom 2009
I had a crazy busy weekend/week. My daughter's prom was this weekend and it took a lot of time making sure she was "complete". We got the dress, shoes, jewelry several months ago- but it is all the last minute details, like the perfect shade of lipstick etc... Anyhow she looked beautiful and had a great time. Each year I tell myself that the next year will be more organized, but somehow there are always last minute things. She will be a senior next year, so I am going to start organizing now- LOL!

Then the picnic's began... CRAZY.. I tried to stick to the fruit and veggies, but man there was so food.. and it all looked great, but I just sampled and did well. If I hadn't drank any alcohol it would have been a success but it was a holiday... that lasted for 3 days.. right. Now by no means am I a drunk or did I even become drunk, they were all day affairs... boy do those drink points add up quick. Look like I gained less than a pound and I am guessing it will fall off quick! I hope..

I am really looking forward to my weigh in this week because I am feeling very empowered by losing that 10%. I know I will be successful and that is a great feeling.


  1. You go girl!! I am so happy you got to your 10%!

  2. Yay! Great job on getting your 10%!

    Your daughter is beautiful!

  3. Thanks! I am really proud of me too.. I think it is the first time I set a goal and really stuck to it. I feel like I am finally in control of my own body. It feels great!!
    Marisa- Thanks, I amy be prejudiced but I think she is beautiful too!

  4. OM Goodness, your daughter is beautiful. She is just glowing. I will be in the same moment went Jacks (Jacqueline) is dressed for prom. She is 3 now. -Tien:)