Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Who I am....?

So this whole Weight Watchers, healthy living, exercise, better me thing has made me think about who I am. I know I am a mom to three beautiful children ages 16, 12 , 10. I am a wife to one of the most loyal and loving men on the earth. My friends constantly comment about how "in love" and doting my hubby seems to be. I am a friend to many but only a few do I consider dead body in the trunk kinda friend, you know the friend you would go to if for some tragic reason you had a dead body in the trunk, it is the friend who wouldn't ask questions and would grab her purse and a shovel and say "let's roll". Then I really get stuck... Who am I, How did I end up at this point... not just in weight loss but in life.

I enjoy writing, knitting, cooking and baking and I THINK I am good at all of them, but they are not who I am. I feel that when I look back I never envisioned my life this way- I saw a trendy girl with a high powered job and a wardrobe of designer shoes... Now that may seem sad but it is quite the contrary... I am very happy, content and feel I have been blessed in many ways but I still don't know what my true passions are. I find that this journey has caused me to look deeper and longer and to question myself more. I really think that is as much of the weight loss journey as getting food and exercise right. I am glad to be here, right now in this moment and can't wait to see what the next hour, day, month and year bring to me.

Did any of you have these introspective moments in your weight loss journey's. What helped you find who you are (or I guess what your passions are). Let me know... comment below.....

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