Sunday, May 31, 2009

Meeting Topic: Losing Motivation and Tracking

I had a good weigh-in, sorta, I lost 1.4 lbs for a new grand total of 25.2 in 12 weeks. Not bad- but I want more and I find that I am less "into" it. I haven't tracked in weeks, I am not figuring out my points and "guesstimating", no longer measuring- because I think I know... but guess what Friday's meeting was all about what I am doing (or not doing) right now.

I have lost my "honeymoon" period with Weight Watchers, I have become casual about it and that is not what is best for me right now, I still have 50.6 pounds to lose to achieve my goal. This is a time to be methodical and meticulous. I can not be "half-assed" about doing this. I am comparing it to the new boyfriend crush of my youth, remember the boy you first fell in love with and you couldn't stop thinking about him or doodling Mrs. John Smith on your notebook? That is what I need to get back- and even like in any intimate relationship, sometimes you have to fake it 'til you make it- right? WW is my new commitment- to me.. I need to do this because I am "in love" with me. Soo....

This week (and weekend) I have and will continue to track and write down all my points because, I want to get there- to my weight loss goals, and that is more important that what I want right now. This is a habit that will continue to help me and I must do it. Yes, it is tedious and seems like a big 'ol pain in the butt, however it really does help.

#2 I need to keep a more regular exercise routine, some weeks I do great 4+ workouts per week, but this week ( and others) a big fat 0 workouts... This needs to be a lifestyle change, and I am committing to at least 3 workouts a week with at least 2 more 2-3 mile walks. I have the time- and I will fake the motivation until I make it..

Here is how I came to this "plan"(using the WW sheet that I got at my meeting)

1. Imagining myself having already at goal weight and asking myself, Where am I? What I am doing?, wearing? seeing?

2.Think about how good I'll feel when I achieve my goal. Asking myself what does success feel like? How great do I feel?

3.Keeping those good feelings close- thinking like a thin and healthy me, eating like the thin, healthy me, exercising like a thin, healthy me

Tomorrow is Monday, June 1 and the motivational calendar asks me "What is my winning outcome for the summer? Have you written it down? I am figuring that out today and will write it down tomorrow... Join me.. write your next post about what your winning outcome for the summer is- write it, share it and live it..
Have a great Sunday!!!!


  1. I know this feeling so well. I also find doing something to "refresh" your relationship may also work. A new WW cookbook perhaps?? How about some new workout clothes??

    My Summer winning outcome is to get back on track, start going to meetings again and by summer's end have 20 pounds gone!

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Good for you for sticking with it! I hate it when the honeymoon phase ends. :) I have a wedding to go to in Sept and it will be doubling as a high school reunion. I hate that my weight is keeping me from being excited about it! My summer winning outcome...stop making excuses, get moving. :)

  3. Sunshine- I have a reunion this summer also.. I am not able to go, but I know what you mean, I know I have held back on doing many things because of my weight- I'm with you no more excuses, and on the move

    Beth-I just got the hungry girl 200 under 200 and love it... I am trying to get another 30 off in the next 12-16 weeks- so I will keep you posted and let me know how you are doing!