Saturday, June 6, 2009

Dannon Light & Fit Yogurt.. The Good and The Ugly!

While purusing the yogurt offerings at my local grocer, Harris Teeter, I ran across something new, different. I am used to the same old, same old when it comes to yogurt, very rarely is there a new flavor... Several of these new flavors caught my eye, one imparticular I struggled with whether to try or not.... Dannon Light & Fit Watermelon, Limited Edition, (which turns out to be a good thing). I really thought that this would not be good, but I am trying to expand my palate.. and for .60 cents, why not..

I was really hoping it was the kind of thing that just seemed gross in my head.. after one bite I knew that it was... GROSS that is... Awful, couldn't eat a second bite. A very watery watermelon flavor but the texture of yogurt. Not a good combination..

I also purchased Limited Edition, Dannon Light & Fit Pineapple Coconut and another new flavor, Key Lime. I really enjoyed the Pineapple Coconut, think pina colada, but less calories. Quite tasty and hope this one sticks around.

The last "new" flavor I purchased was Dannon Light & Fit Key Lime. I thought it was good, but not as good as Yoplait's Key Lime Pie. Although Dannon Light & Fit has 20 less calories than Yoplait Light, I feel that those 20 calories are worth the taste and texture difference... Yoplait is much creamier in my opinion.

So Dannon Light & Fit is only winning 1 out of 3, with the flavors I tried. After checking their website I noticed there are 3 other new flavors. They other new flavors are Cherry, Mixed Berry ( I am having a hard time believeing they didn't already have these tow flavors- doesn't every yogurt come in mixed berry?) and Pomegranate Berry. I am not rushing out for the first two- but I'll have my eye out for the Pomegranate Berry.

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  1. ooh I wonder if you could use the coconut to make a low cal smoothie!