Thursday, June 18, 2009

Does going in the ocean make you gain weight?

So I am back... and I have been thinking that maybe the 2 pounds my scale is saying I am up is water weight. Now I can rationalize this. I spent a lot of time in the ocean. the ocean is filled with salt water. Salt makes you retain water weight and that is what I am going with... LOL
No seriously. I had a great time, did over indulge on occasion but really kept with WW (even tracking) throughout my trip. It was hard. I do love the fact that before I would have just eaten anything and everything but this time, I thought before I put things in my mouth. For instance, the great cookies they just leave on the check in counter at the hotel.. I didn't ea any this time. Even though they had just come from the oven and smelled great, it was more important for me to think about my goal than to eat the cookie. All in all, even if I have a slight gain at tomorrow's weigh in, I am very proud of myself!
So I wanted to share the scavenger hunt I sent my friend to help her celebrate her birthday.. She is newly single and although I couldn't go with her (she is visiting her family) I sent this great scavenger hunt to another friend so they could have some fun activities while they went out tonight.. here is a sampling. I think they will have a blast..

1. Get the bartender to give you the phone number of his cutest unmarried, friend. Call his friend and ask him his middle name. 5 bonus points if he meets your group for a drink.

2. Get a photo with a bald man that has at least 2 tattoo’s

3. Drink a shot of something hat is lit on fire with a fireman (like sambuca)

4. Get a photo with a male nurse (2 bonus points) or a doctor taking your pulse.

5. Do a jello shot with any man that can do the moonwalk.

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  1. Congrats on passing those cookies by :-)

    Great scavenger hunt ideas!