Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What's with Microwave Popcorn Nutritional Info and Orville Redenbacher's Buttery Salt and Cracked Pepper Popcorn

My question is have any of you EVER eaten microwave popcorn before popping it? For most of us the answer (I think) is NO! So please, please, someone, anyone explain to me why the freaking nutritional info is for the unpopped kernels and to find out all of the info after you pop it you must read super tiny print that has been posted at the bottom of the nutritional info.. If anything shouldn't this be the other way around.. Have the info for popped and then have the alternate info for the people that eat the greasy unpopped kernels straight from the bag? I am sure popcorn labeling should fall under the majority rules kinda thing...

What brings me to the this crazy rant is my current favorite afternoon munchy snack.... Orville Redenbacher's Natural Buttery Salt & Cracked Pepper Popcorn. I have been eating a mini bag in the afternoon for 2 points. It is great. The spice of the cracked pepper builds after each bite. I hope you can see how much pepper is actually in the popcorn in the photo. I am a real fan of pepper and most spicy foods/flavors but this is one of my favorites.
I also wanted to share my other current food obsession... Caprese Salad.. I have eaten this for lunch three days in a row. I love tomatoes when they taste so fresh. My garden is only producing cherry and grape tomatoes right now but the bigger ones are growing, but it will still be a week or so before any of them are ready. I picked these up at the grocery store.. locally grown tomatoes and they taste really really good. I have been eating 2 tomatoes topped with an ounce of fresh mozzarella and some fresh basil (from my herb garden), a little drizzle of EVOO and it is addicitng. I could eat this for every meal- sooo good!

I guess the red plate doesn't show off the great color of the tomato, but trust me it is perfectly tomatoey.

I was wondering if any of you have any other ideas for tomatoes or zucchini.. which I will have an abundance of soon.


  1. I'm not a fresh tomato fan (though lord knows I've tried) so I can't offer help there.

    But that popcorn looks like it could be my new bff. cracked pepper and butter and salty popcorn? I'm drooling just thinking about it. You can bet your buttery fingers I'll be getting some of this at the store.

  2. Very interesting site. I also want to share information with u , have look on it 30 minute meals

  3. Kelly- buy 2 bags... Trust me you will love it! My son doesn't eat tomatoes either-- I eat enough for all 3 of us!

    Anjani- Love Rachael Ray.. She rocks and 30 minute meals are right up my alley.. I usually take her meals and make them a little lower calorie, leaving out extra EVOO, using ground turkey or chicken or using low fat cheese- they are still awesome and I can enjoy them.. Let me know if you tweak any- I am gonna do a post on a RR redo (lower calorie) recipe soon...

  4. I totally agree. Popcorn is a super and good for you snack, and caprese salads are awesome!

  5. Oh, I have a theory. If a kernel weighs a certain amount, shouldn't it weigh the same after its popped? All you are doing is passing hot air through it. It might still weigh the same, just with a different structure. It would be interesting to test this out. But yes, its totally annoying when you are calorie conscious. I hate having to do math to eat!