Monday, June 29, 2009

Does This Really Work?

What Has Worked For You In Terms Of Diet And Fitness?

One thing I need for you today is think about what has worked for you in terms of weight loss and diets, and comment it to me. Weight loss is a very personal thing, that you need to tailor whatever diet you do to your own unique life. What have you done, what has worked for you, what stopped working for you. Things like that. Thinking about the successes can provide some insight for all of us.

Having the right things in the fridge is always helpful. I am a "grabber" when it comes to hunger. I grab at the quickest thing possible and if you have fresh fruit, veggies or fiber filled snacks on hand or things like yogurt, you can bring it along with you. Today, there is nothing to "grab" that is healthy, so I just ate a cookie. I know I should not have eaten the cookie, but it was there. Having the right things available is half the battle. Hope this was helpful.

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  1. Well so far Weight Watchers has been AMAZING! But a few little things I have picked up are: I dont leave home without at least two or more 1-2point snacks. A fiber bar or a 100 cal pack. That way if I am STARVING I can usually eat that to subside me until I get home. We also go grocery shopping a LOT to keep stocked in our basics. Cause all hell will break loose if we dont. Another thing I am doing currently is I was having a week and a half of no scale movement so I completely quit eating meat and cheese (fish and fake meat was ok) for four days and have dropped 4-5lbs! It was the best way to get out of my mini-plateau!

  2. Hmmm...I thought hard about this and I think the main thing that has worked for me is that I just keep trying. I know that sounds vague, but so many times before, I have fallen way off the wagon and completely given up. My thought process was that if I keep falling off the wagon, then obviously, I stink at the weight loss thing and I should quit and just be "fat and happy". Well, the fat part definitely was achieved, however the "happy" part never came. So, this final time of joining Weight Watchers, I went in without any time frame of losing. No matter how long it took, I would stick with it. Really, what's the alternative...quit and gain? So, I just keep on trying. I fall off the wagon many times. I get mad at myself. I feel deflated and disappointed. But, I keep on trying!

  3. I agree with Marisa. I haven't given up.

    When things stop working, I try new things, but I definitely think that focusing this weight loss "journey" on fitness rather than the actual scale has lead me to great success. I'm in the best shape of the last 10 years.

    I knew that setting "scale goals" for myself wasn't actually something I could control. It wasn't a decision I could make to lose 2lbs in one week, but it was a decision I could make to workout for 60 minutes 5 days per week.

    Tangible goals and rewarding myself were the 2 things that worked best for me when I was seriously losing.

  4. You gals always have the best inpirational tips! Thanks... It's Monday AM- here is to a great WW week for all of us!

  5. The Weight Watchers program has done wonderful things for me and the people I've met in meetings have been inspirational. Some things that work for me that I've put to practice are:
    Journaling every morsel of food that goes into my mouth
    Putting leftovers away before I start eating my meal
    Getting the to-go box at the beginning of a restaurant meal
    Working the POINTS (finding what low POINTS VALUE foods will keep me satisfied and on track)

    Aside from tips and tricks, looking it as a diet has always failed for me. I have approached weight loss this time as an exercise in treating my body with respect. I always put other people's feelings and needs ahead of my own, but no more! I am just as worthy of my own affections.

    When I choose to get off the couch and enjoy the day, that's respecting myself. When I eat a salad at the start of a meal instead of splurging on a higher point desert, that's respecting my body. Less restriction, less guilt works for me.