Monday, June 8, 2009

Low Cal Mojito, Sunburn and other Ramblings

I had a spectacular Sunday. Went to the pool all afternoon and actually got a little too much sun.


I took the sunscreen with me and had all intentions of using it... but got side tracked. May have had something to do with my new lo-cal mojito recipe below. It was still a wonderful and relaxing day - even with the sunburn.

MMMM... Tasty!

I had taken chicken to marinate before I left. I have always liked all of Lawry's Marinades, but the one we are currently addicted to is the new flavor Buffalo BBQ. It is absolutely wonderful. It has a great flavor and a great spicy background. It doesn't impale your taste buds with heat but gives a fabulous buffalo taste. I marinate the chicken in it and then while I am grilling it brush a little more on each side.

It's a 30 minute marinade and really does have an overnight marinated flavor in only 30 minutes. I let mine marinate for several hours while I was gone, but on evenings when I don't have hours the 30 minutes gives it the same great taste as if the chicken had soaked it up for 12 hours. Simple,easy and great tasting- my kind of dinner.

My family gobbles this up and it was almost all gone before I could get a picture.. but here is the remnants of our chicken... so good. This picture is not the best but before I could snap another one my son had gobbled it up.

I love mojito's but all that simple syrup was adding up into big points, so after several experiments I have come up with the perfect lo-cal mojito! It is so easy and delish!

Weight Watcher's Chic Mojito for 12 oz serving

Equal parts Crystal Light Lemonade and Sierra Mist Free
1 TBL Splenda
1/2 lime
several sprigs of fresh mint
1 shot rum

Slice lime and put in glass. Add mint and splenda and smash-you can use a wooden spoon if you don't have a smasher (what is that thingy called anyhow?) Add in Crystal Light Lemonade, Sierra Mist Free, Rum and Ice.

The only part of it that has calories would be the rum, which is usually about 80 calories, so 2 points for the whole drink. Great way to have this great drink for 6-8 points less than the sugar laden style.

In other weight loss news, I am down 3 pounds since my Friday weigh in. So I am feeling great. I guess my body is responding to all my hard work, but on it's own schedule, not mine. Either way it feels great. I am going to enjoy another day at the pool with the kids, SLATHERED in sunscreen.. SPF 70!!!!


  1. Ouchy to the burn....Chicken looks delicious, I also love the Lawreys but haven't tried Buffulo BBQ...It's on the grocery list now!

  2. Oh man, that looks painful. A muddler is what you use to mash lime and mint etc. for mojitos. I must try with stevia