Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Everything but the SCALE is good

So I have worked really hard this week. I have done everything right and I weigh myself this morning and up 2 pounds. What is that all about? It is very discouraging. I have read that increased exercise will cause water weight gain and that if your muscles are sore (and mine are) they retain water to soothe themselves. Has anyone else experienced this?

I'm going to keep it up today but geez... it really sucks when the number looks bad. I am hoping that it will get better with more regular exercise. I had not been doing as much lately.

On other notes my elliptical machine is making a horrible squeaky noise. It's a Horizon gym quality machine from Dick's Sporting Goods and is about 18 months old. I know we got an extended warranty on it but am not sure what it covers. I hope they can fix it.

In lieu of the malfunction I am going to do a 4 mile walk this evening and some strength training this morning.

I have some great new recipe's to share but need to get some photo's so I will be posting those later.

Better get going... gotta get stuff done and the kids will be home at 10:30... Looks like a great day to go to the pool.

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