Friday, June 12, 2009

Gotta Get me some CRUNCHIES

Today, while at the pool with the kids, I had the opportunity to try a new (and now favorite!) 1 point snack (serving size 3/4 cup, 2.5 servings per bag). I had never even heard of this until today nut you can bet that I'll be looking for it.. CRUNCHIES! Cute name huh? It is really appropriate, but I would say Crunchies and Sweeties and Amazingies too.

I got the chance to sample some Crunchies Food Company Blueberries. They were out of this world and now that I found their website, my only problem is deciding what to order. So many options, so many great low point snack. What's a girl on to do? I wish I could place the $100 order for free shipping but I gotta start small. I know I am getting blueberries, raspberries, strawberries and salted edamame. and maybe sweet peas.. I must stop, but really they were that good!

If anyone has had these, let me know your favorites so I can (try to) figure out my order.

Tomorrow is weigh-in (actually I guess it's now today) and I think I did well, let ya know tomorrow.
And don't forgeties, only a few more days until my SNACKS giveaway is over...

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  1. Wow...these do sound good! Are they in the stores yet, or just online? I'm heading over to check them out online now. Thanks for the nummy tip!!